2014, a year to remember!

As we say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015, I just wanted to share with everyone what a year it’s been for us and the Academy.

This time last year I was working on one of the most anticipated films of 2015, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, I spent the following 5 months working alongside some great artists on this movie. (And I managed to also work on the new re-telling of the fabled Peter Pan story called PAN in between working on the MARVEL Movie)

I Finished Avengers 2 at the beginning of May 2014 and had less than 2 weeks to move myself, my wife and my little dog up to Manchester to start our new exciting business, the Shaune Harrison Academy. For months prior to the move, my wife and I spent most weekends driving back and forth up and down the motorway to visit Manchester and look for potential Academy spaces.

Justyna had done an amazing job at organising the whole thing and eventually finding us this incredible building and location right next to Manchester’s Media City Complex.

We also managed to fit in doing our Witch Demo over at the UMAE (www.umae.co.uk) in London in April and to show everybody exactly what the Academy had to offer to students, the response was overwhelming and positive.

Our whole Philosophy with the Academy is to teach the next generation of Prosthetic make up artists how to achieve their dreams, our classes are small so everyone gets that ‘one to one’ feeling  and to not feel lost in a large class.

In July we worked alongside the great PS Composites (www.ps-composites.com) guys and girls at the London based IMATS make up show (www.imats.net) were we made a good impression with our Zombie character.

The support we’ve had since moving up to Manchester has been incredible, we’ve met some amazing people and companies. The quality of our students has impressed us so much with their ambition and drive.

In October we hit the Halloween season and this was just crazy, we were  working on a massive music/Halloween event in Manchester were our students made up over 30 silicone zombie characters for VEVO.

Our Academy has been in Popular magazines, newspapers, TV, Radio and numerous Sci-Fi and horror conventions. (http://shauneharrisonacademy.com/Home/Press).

We rounded the year off with our 6 week Prosthetics course which was a great success.

So once again thank you to everyone who has supported the Academy over the past 12 months and here’s to an exciting future…

See you all in 2015.


Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

The weeks leading up to Halloween 2014 have been utterly crazy over at the Shaune Harrison Academy.
I think the last time I actively got involved in Halloween was 20 years ago when I was working out in Toronto, Canada. I usually feel that it’s a ‘busman’s holiday’ for me. But this year it’s different.
Since this is our first Halloween with the Academy I wanted to embrace the festivities!…Oh boy did we!!!

It all started 3 weeks before Halloween when I made and applied my Zombie character for Grimmfest in Manchester. This is my 3rd time over at this awesome horror festival, I love going there and just talking about horror films with some great people, a few days after this event I was contacted by a Music Company called VEVO (check out their name on most music videos on Youtube) to see if I could supply them with a few zombie characters to give out vouchers for a music event happening over Halloween…

The following 2 weeks became absolutely crazy, (Sunday 26th October)I was asked by a good friend, Carl Whiteley to do some zombie demo’s over at the Manchester Zombie Walk, My academy supplied 2 zombie character and we were interviewed by the local press. (Tuesday 28th October) I did a Zombie prosthetic demonstration over at the Manchester Metropolitan University in front of a captured audience. The next day Wednesday I was asked to go over to the Liverpool Echo for a Halloween special and talk about my career and my Academy, (Thursday 30th October) I fulfilled a childhood dream by going onto a classic British children’s show, BLUE PETER (to get a blue peter badge is such an iconic thing to own) I did a zombie make up on Radzi, one of the presenters on the show then I did a live make up demonstration which was fun but scary!

The actual day of Halloween I came back to Media City in Manchester to do a radio interview on BBC Radio Manchester and whilst I was being interviewed I applied a Zombie bite on the DJ Andy Crane…Doing a make up on the radio was very odd but I suppose with the whole Social Media thing that happens nowadays, nothing is a surprise anymore…

Then on Saturday 1st November came the main event, The Academy had to bring in over 18 prosthetic artists who would be capable of applying multi piece Zombie make ups for the Vevo Halloween Event which was staged in Manchester in front of 5,000 people. We had to do 18 full on zombie make ups, numerous wounds and killings as well as making up some of the special guests that were at the event, we did make ups on the singer Labrinth and his band, we also did Ella Eyre’s band which we made them look like skeleton faces. In the end we did 32 make ups which was great fun but hard work.

All I can say is roll on Halloween 2015!
Til next time…:-)