Behind the scenes of Stardust – doubles part 2

During the summer of 2006 I was asked to work on Matthew Vaughn’s Stardust film for prosthetics company Animated Extras. As Barrie Gower was well underway with designing and working on Michelle Pfeiffer’s witch character Lamia, I was asked to sculpt and apply the double make ups for the character.

Michelle had 2 doubles for Lamia, a picture double played by a Russian actress named Svetlana and a stunt double played by Kelly Dent (the same who played Aunt Marge in Harry Potter).

As with the Harry Potter double make ups, we sculpted each character on their life casts and tried to capture the essence of what the character was, and each day we made sure that if required they could shoot as close as they needed too. Our job was to make them look as good and as close to Michelle’s character as possible.

Both make ups were multi piece silicone appliances, the only things we didn’t require were dentures as we would never get that close to register them on screen.

The idea with the picture double was to shoot as much footage of the character from over the shoulder or mid to wide shots (and to give Michelle as much rest time as possible) It was great seeing all three of the make ups on set at the same time and Michelle was up for playing pranks with the crew by pretending to be the double. J

We shot a lot of scenes with Kelly for the final battle which required lots of wire work and stunt rigging…

Now when you will watch Stardust you may notice which one is the main actress and which the stunt double.