Witch make up – at UMA in London

Just before Christmas I was thinking about something to sculpt for this year UMAE expo in London in April and sat in my study was a little figure of a witch, and that was that, a Witch it was going to be. The only person I thought I could do this prosthetic make up on would be my wife as I knew it was nearly 5 months away as its hard to lock down someone that far in advance.

After life casting Justyna in Silicone I starting sculpting the Witch over the Christmas period. (the other job I was working on in the daytime just happened to be Avengers: Age of Ultron so i had to try and get the sculpt completed before the new year and before I started back with Marvel)


So for the next few months, every evening and weekend I’d come home from work and carry on with my Witch Prosthetic, breaking down the sculpt and starting on the hands.

I also wanted to do a really realistic looking face, old, wrinkly & totally believable (I hope I achieved that…)

The head sculpt was broken down into 10 pieces. Back of Head, Neck, Chin, 2 Ears, Top Lip, Nose, 2 Cheeks, and a Forehead. The hands consisted of a full back of hand piece that went up the arm and then 10 individual finger extensions with Acrylic nails inserted into each end of the fingers, in total a 22 piece prosthetic!

I moulded all the pieces in either Fibreglass resin (Back of Head, Ears & Neck piece) Flat 7315 silicone moulds (Backs of hands, cheeks & top lip) VF2000 (Chin and Nose) and finally the Ebalta Putty System (Forehead) All the moulding materials I bought from PS Composites. All the pieces were ran in PS Composites PRO-GEL 10 and the pieces were softened to 80%.

I pre-painted all the pieces to around 50% as I wanted to get a little bit of colour on the pieces beforehand. They were all pre painted with Oil Colours, and thinned down with silicone diluents and then mixed together with the RS silicone fluid to ‘bite’ onto the pieces, I airbrushed Vein work over the pieces at the end with Skin Illustrators and packed them down for the show.

The week before the Expo is was heading out to Belfast to teach a group of 10 students prosthetics and I wouldn’t be back until very late the night before so I had to make sure everything was boxed away for me on the morning of the Expo in London.

The make up was applied on the PS Composites stand and as we were right next to one of the walkways, it gave people a great vantage point to check out our makeup…and we draw a really large crowd, people where up the stairs to try and get a better view!

I also want to thank David Power & Kristyan Mallett for letting us be part of their stand.

I also want to thank Chris Lyons @ Fangs FX (the number one company in the UK for film quality FX teeth) Sinead Sweeney and her amazing girls at Eyeworks for Film for the beautifully made old age contact lenses! Jo Glover made a fab old Witch costume, Shepperton Wigs supplied us with a lovely old witch that was simply made to fit the Witch. And Vicky Bancroft (one of the best prosthetics artists out there) for assisting me on the application…and of course I couldn’t thank my wife Justyna enough for being such a trooper in the make up, she really got into character and everyone wanted their photo taken with the Witch, it caused quite an amazing reaction in the Expo and i’m so grateful to everyone who has said such lovely things about the Witch makeup, all those long hours after work and weekends were totally worth it.

I have an idea to expand on the Witch makeup…maybe for another trade show of some sort…:-)