prosthetic-makeup-training-20Prosthetic & Make Up FX Complete – 6 weeks course

This prosthetic make up course is for students who really want to learn how to prepare film quality prosthetics. You will be taught only by the best quality experienced tutors. They will explain to you every aspect of making prosthetics from designing, sculpting, moulding to painting and applying. On the 6 weeks course you’ll learn how to prepare small general pieces as well as whole face prosthetics, with finishing touches as adding hair, nails and teeth.


13 Basic Prosthetics & Bald Caps – 2 weeks course

Learn the prosthetic make ups from simple cuts and wounds to character pieces. Learn bald cap application with latex and plastic bald caps and how to disguise edges. You will learn all important skills that are needed to work confidently with prosthetics.




17 Casualty FX & Wounds – 2 weeks

You will learn ‘out of the kit’ wounds as well as Silicone and Bondo Transfer techniques as used in the film industry. Knowledge of casualty make up and how to make wounds play vital role in make up artist industry. Bruises, sweat, tears, scratches and dirt are used everyday in films, TV and Theatre productions (check out any of the TV soap opera’s, you’ll know what we are talking about ;)).




 Prosthetic Body Parts – 2 week course

Learn how to sculpt & make super realistic Silicone body parts and rotting skeletons. Shaune will teach you techniques on how to achieve these incredible results.


Shaune’s Prosthetic Masterclass – 1 week

This course is designed for everyone who wants to learn & understand what the Art of prosthetics are.This short 5 day course will give you all the insights of techniques & processes of how to make a film quality Silicone prosthetic make up. Shaune will be teaching a class of 10 People (we want to keep it this small as everyone will get the full benefits from this amazing week of watching Shaune at work!) Even though the course is mostly demonstration based, Shaune will let everyone get involved and help make the prosthetic appliances from running the pieces to painting and applying them onto each other. It’ll give everyone involved a real hands on feel to the course!


 Sculpting – 1 week

Working from lifecasts, you will learn the techniques on how to sculpt Prosthetic & Creature characters. Learn how to sculpt head busts and maquettes. It’s ideal for those who are just starting their journey with sculpting or those who want to improve their skills. One week sculpting course is suited to our students needs and abilities.

mo lifecast1 thumbnail Life casting & bald caps – 2 days

Learn how to do lifecasting with Alginate, Silicone & plaster materials safely and professionally. This is an essential skill in the make up industry.


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  1. Hi,
    i am interested in eye , nose, finger and ear prosthesis course/training
    please guide me
    Saif khan

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