Star Wars!

For the love of the force…A Star Wars fan convention.


Back in the summer of 2015 we were approached by Carl Whiteley to get involved in a large Fan Convention called ‘For the Love of the Force’.

We were asked to recreate a troop of Ewoks from Return of the Jedi, Cantina band members and Greedo. We were also asked to recreate Bib Fortuna with Alan Ruscoe who played it in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

Because of our Academy and what it stands for, I wanted to bring in students who have come through our doors and have impressed me with there quality, so I brought along Brogan Sharp, Anna McIntrye and Laura Rosemary Phillipson to help myself and my partner, Justyna Harrison build the characters needed for the event which happened on the 4-6th December in Manchester.ewok-star-wars-harrison
Justyna over saw the build of the Ewoks (we made 8 in total) Justyna sculpted one of the characters and we moulded him in fibreglass. Each of the Ewoks were produced in a soft foam which Justyna painted and furred each character to make them individual, She handmade all the costumes for the Ewoks too.

Brogan was responsible for sculpting the Cantina & Greedo heads. She moulded them in Crystacal R plaster and ran them in Latex, Brogan along with Laura seamed and painted them, We had to make 3 Cantina heads and 2 Greedo masks for the Convention. Anna sculpted the hands for the characters. It was a great job all round getting these characters made by my Ex Students and they all worked together as a team which is great to see.

I was responsible to recreating Bib Fortuna for the event. I originally sculpted and applied him when I worked for Nick Dudman as part of his crew on the Phantom Menace back in 1997 when they shot this film. It was great to redo Alan’s make up again but this time we used silicone instead of the Foam latex we used on the Phantom Menace.shaune-harrison-bib-fortunabib-fortuna-harrison-stagebib-fortuna-makeup-applicationbib-fortuna-jabba-the-hut
We brought Alan over to the Academy and we lifecasted him again, and using reference images from both the Episode 1 character and also from return of the Jedi, I sculpted him over a 2 week period. Along with Brogan (who sculpted & Moulded the Tentacles) we ran all the pieces in Pro-Gel 10 silicone. The Tentacles were run in a soft foam because of the weight issues of having them in silicone.

It was such a fun event to be a part of, seeing all our Ewoks in the Endor set, the creature masks up in the cantina Bar and Alan walking around as Bib Fortuna in the event was very cool.

Roll on 2016.