Shaune’s Masterclass – Leprosy makeup!

If you’re going to catch leprosy, it’s better to catch it from money than from people.”

I recently watched a great film which I hadn’t seen in a while, It was the classic Steve McQueen film PAPILLON. I really wanted to revisit an effect on one of the lead characters who has Leprosy. I tried this effect out a few months ago but it was just generic pieces so this time I thought It would be interesting to do it for my 5 day Master Class over at the Shaune Harrison Academy.

On the Monday I came into the Academy with a selection of Poppadom’s (yes poppadom’s!!!) and explained to the students what I was going to do with them.

I Lifecasted my performer in Silicone and produced a Plaster head to be sculpted onto.

I moulded a selection of Poddadom’s in PS Composites PS-28 moulding silicone, once I peeled the silicone off the Poddadom’s I scraped melted down Monster Clay all over the moulds.  I peeled off the dried Monster Clay off the silicone and gently pressed them down onto the lifecast, and with a bit of sculpting & tweaking I managed to finish off the head piece over the next few hours.

I floated the head in water and on the next day removed the sculpt gently off the lifecast. The forehead and cheek pieces were laid down gently onto a white Conti board and finished off with the detail and blending. The nose piece I wanted to place onto a core of the performers nose, so I produced a SG-700 epoxy core from the original Silicone life cast mould (I deliberately used Life Casting Silicone so I could produce numerous cores out of the same mould) I gently placed the Nose sculpt onto the Epoxy core and finished the piece off.

I moulded the Flat pieces in T-13 from PS Composites and then moulded the nose piece.

I ran all the pieces in Pro-Gel 10 from PS Composites and softened them to 80%.

On the day of the lifecast I applied all the pieces and Painted them with PPI Skin Illustrator palettes.

The Application time took just over 2 hours.

It’s great to try out these methods of moulding food as the results are quite interesting. It’s also good to try things that are a ‘little outside the box’…

Next time you’re walking down the food isle in your local supermarket, check out the fruit & veg section, things may jump out at you with textures…:-)



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